RTV Marketing Explosion

We are embarking upon an AMAZING month!   Our busiest time of year is just around the corner and we are rolling out new programs and marketing materials to make it
 YOUR best year to date!

We couldn’t be happier or more excited about the quality of our new Smartphone ready Virtual Tours and V-Slides.  With almost 50% of Americans already owning a Smartphone and 89% of Americans using the internet to search for their new home, it is IMPERATIVE that our tours look their very best when viewed.  Our Smartphone ready tours are formatted for any mobile phone and we mean ANY.  iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android and other Smartphone users will all have a view of the entire screen and the site navigation menu.  This technology requires minimum scrolling and has exclusive features that take advantage of mobile phone advancements such as SMS (TXT Connect), click to call, and QR codes.  The RTV mobile tour is interactive for those with touch screens and allows users to scroll through the 360 panoramas and still images while enjoying an elegant fade from image to image. This mobile exposure provi des the perfect opportunity for our customers to start using QR Codes in their marketing packages. Because of the customization and flexibility of the RTV hit reporting system, users will be able to track the number of times virtual tours are accessed by the scanning of a QR Code. This marketing tool will keep your Virtual Tours and V-Slides looking their best and in front of more people than ever!   Now that YOU know, it is time to spread the word!  We created a 2 page flyer and a postcard to announce this awesome addition to the RTV family of offerings.

With the first ever RTV National Conference days away we realized that no matter how phenomenal our programs are, if our providers don’t have their “Pitch” to potential clients refined and ready to go, then they won’t get maximum results.  We created a detailed 25 slide PowerPoint that you can easily customize with your logo.  This PowerPoint is intended for your use when “pitching” to potential clients.  Be creative and add your own photographs and shorten or lengthen the show depending upon your audience.  We linked most of the images so that the client could actually be shown a live tour instead of a static photo.  This makes the PowerPoint much more interactive for the viewer and increases the likelihood they will understand and be excited about the technology you can provide for them. Ultimately, make it yours and use it!


  Last of all, we created a simple two page flyer that will help you refine your “pitch” and deliver your PowerPoint.  The first page provides tips regarding your pitch.  The second page has tips for delivering a PowerPoint.  The more familiar you are with the technology, the PowerPoint, and the most effective way to deliver that information, directly correlates to how many clients you acquire and retain.  Remember, word of mouth is still very powerful and people’s time is very precious.  Be informed, friendly, and WOW them and they will be sure to pass your name along! 

We are super excited about the RTV Conference, Spring, and each and every technology addition we have added.  Spring always seems like such a fresh start.  Take the time to reevaluate what you have been doing, what has proven effective, what markets you have targeted successfully, and fine-tune your approach.  Let us know if you have a need for a specific marketing piece and we will do our best to create it.  Email your ideas to jill@realtourvision.com.  Remember all marketing documents can be accessed through http://www.RockPointeMarketing.com

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