Instant HDR – The RTV Secret Weapon

The IMAGEHDR – The Secret Weapon – April 26, 2011 at 7PM Eastern   

The official photography webinar of RTV

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If you are not planning on coming to the RTV national conference on April 15 you’re going to seriously miss out on the launch of our Instant HDR tool that has Jim Blue doing jumping jacks.  Everyone at the convention will see an in person first hand presentation of the BEST WIDGET IN 2011.  This is a time saver like no other. This little guy will completely, YES COMPLETELY eliminate ALL POST PROCESSING TIME.  We were the first to say it and after four weeks of intense testing we’re standing by such bold statements.

See a live presentation of this HDR Tool and discover the secret to great photography. Find out why everyone at the RTV convention will be leaving with smiles on their faces and a renewed vigor to take more photos.  Watch this episode of the image to know about the best HDR TOOL that will make it possible for you to always:

•    Get 100% perfect image shots with the press of a single button
•    Get the proper exposure for each room, regardless of the lighting in the room with the press of a single button
•    Complete a tour track job with confidence and not have to worry about reshoots ever again
•    Save HUNDREDS of hours in processing time annually

Join us as we reveal the secret HDR TOOL.  You will have to come to the webinar to find out more!!!

Join us April 26, 2011 at 7pm Eastern for…HDR – The Secret Weapon.

PS.  Anyone that implements our secret weapon is getting the new HD HDR Badge for their website:

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