How I Give April a Little Kick

In the past, I have had a hard time talking real estate agents into buying a virtual tour in March and April. They always say spring is almost here…might as well wait for the snow to melt and grass to green up. Then everyone wants to schedule a virtual tour on the same sunny day in May.

In the past I would offer to re-shoot the exterior for $25. This year I offered to do the exterior re-shoot (one spin and 4-5 still shots) at no cost. The only stipulation is that I would get to choose the day. That way I could get through 10-15 in a day without having to schedule anything with the owner and real estate agent. I don’t make any money on that day, but since I usually have a steady stream of business May-August, I was willing to take a free day to give me some business in March and April.  I hope this tip helps you out as much as it has me!  Good luck with your real estate virtual tours!

Scott Pederson
Brainerd Virtual Tours
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