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West Palm Beach Virtual Tours“Over the last 7 years our virtual tour company has developed a strong relationship with RTV, Inc. The entire staff, from senior management, to technical support has been nothing short of exemplary. Their turn around time on providing technical assistance is unparalleled. Their commitment to providing training to their providers, and continuously improving their product is second to none. Other virtual tour software companies would do well to emulate Team RTV” – Mark Robins

Mark Robbins & Jerry Poleski
West Palm Beach Virtual Tours
VTE Virtual Tours
(561) 401-0648

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535 Beaver Dam Rd QR COdeThat little blue cube…the bane of the existence of virtual tour providers ever since mobile device use skyrocketed starting in 2006.  If you have an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you know what I’m talking about.  When you see that cube it simply means (if I may use a Seinfeld reference) “No Soup For You!”.  Or if your device could talk it would probably simply say “Sorry, I can’t play that media”.
Continuing on the ‘new tech’ run that started in late 2009, RTV (my virtual tour software provider and host) has made all Huntsville Virtual Tours smarter.  When you and your clients or customers try to view one of my tours now with your iOS or any mobile device, instead of the little blue cube, you now get a specially formatted version of the virtual tour for mobile devices!

To make it even easier for your smart-phone toting potential buyers to access the tour, I’m announcing the immediate availability of a little funny looking graphical link called ‘QR Code’.  A QR code looks like this:

To use this code, simply scan it with your camera equipped mobile device. The phone will know what to do!  Your device’s browser will open to the new mobile version of the tour.  You can use QR code anywhere.  Display it on your website, print it on flyers, on your yard signs…anywhere.

How do you know if anyone is using your new QR Code? Believe it or not, it will show up on your weekly hit-stats report.  Look for a referrer called after you start using the code.
If you’d like to have a QR code for any existing tour, contact me and I’ll generate one for you.
Got a client meeting coming up? Mention the new virtual tours for mobile devices to them.  Print the QR code and demonstrate it.  Let me know how QR codes and mobile virtual tours close more listings for you.

Brett Weaver
Creative Engineer
SpotLight Virtual Tours
Middle Tennessee Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour:  931-201-9328

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Nova Scotia virtual tour provider ~ Supernova Studios couldn’t be more excited to announce our mobile virtual tours! Check out our blog  to see the full announcement and view one of our tours on your mobile right now!

We’re pretty sure this is the best thing since we announced the stand alone HD slideshow . Check it out here:

Since our decision to join RTV in 2009 we have continued to provide Nova Scotia real estate agents and local businesses with the very best virtual tours Nova Scotia has to offer. In this challenging real estate market, the proper presentation of listings has become increasingly more important. With 85% of home shoppers turning to the Internet before they pickup the phone it is now more important than ever to increase your reach online and deliver a lasting impression.

Whether you are a listing agent or an owner of a local business large or small our services are just what you need to turn heads and make you look your very best. Our wide variety of services include state of the art interactive 360 virtual tours, professional photography services, powerful slideshow presentations, interactive 2d and 3d floor plan services, 3d walkthrough video presentations, colorful and vibrant listing flyers, panoramic sign riders, single property websites, listing syndication services, professional voice talent and so much more!

Our services also include consulting in social media strategy, website design and consulting, online presence and technology training, and social media graphics.

Supernova Studios was created to help companies like yours maximize their business potential . Our passion is to bring Nova Scotia businesses online and connect people with each other in ways that are valuable, meaningful, and convenient.

Contact us to book your Nova Scotia virtual tour or discuss your social media marketing needs.

Nancy Bain

Your Nova Scotia virtual tour provider
Supernova Studios
Toll Free 1-877-745-TOUR (8687)

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In the past, I have had a hard time talking real estate agents into buying a virtual tour in March and April. They always say spring is almost here…might as well wait for the snow to melt and grass to green up. Then everyone wants to schedule a virtual tour on the same sunny day in May.

In the past I would offer to re-shoot the exterior for $25. This year I offered to do the exterior re-shoot (one spin and 4-5 still shots) at no cost. The only stipulation is that I would get to choose the day. That way I could get through 10-15 in a day without having to schedule anything with the owner and real estate agent. I don’t make any money on that day, but since I usually have a steady stream of business May-August, I was willing to take a free day to give me some business in March and April.  I hope this tip helps you out as much as it has me!  Good luck with your real estate virtual tours!

Scott Pederson
Brainerd Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual Tour: 218-824-0360

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As a virtual tour company owner, you might face several challenges in promoting your product to potential clients. You may have limited funds for marketing and advertising, or you may feel overwhelmed by the demands of being both owner and employee. Some struggle with the lack of knowledge and experience they have for effectively selling and marketing their product. Too often, individuals “open up shop” and expect, like, in the movie Field of Dreams “if you build it, they will come.”

While there is some validity to this approach with an in-demand product or service such as this, the bottom line is that if you want to be successful in selling your virtual tours you must let people know who you are and what you can do. Tell the World about you!

This does not mean that you adopt a persona that doesn’t suit you, or that you try all the marketing and sales techniques you can find. While research does pay off and it never hurts to check out every book in the library on sales and marketing, I’d like to suggest a more simple approach. In order to sell more virtual tours you must first sell yourself! These are my simple tips for being an effective virtual tour provider

    1. Give Your Clients Clarity.
This refers to spending time to create a clear, compelling, memorable message. It means being very clear about the benefits of your virtual tour service and finding a way to “speak the language” of your potential customers. Do not resort to phrases like, “I shoot virtual tours.” or “I market your listing.” Is there anything particularly compelling or memorable about those statements? Instead, how about these: “I help my clients market their listings through interactive media creating a 24/7 open house available to the World Wide Web.” Or “My clients are able to reach out to more individuals on the web by using my services. A compelling use of virtual tour technology will keep visitors on your site, and will also keep them coming back.” Or “On a typical day, more than six million people take virtual tours in cyberspace and 80% of internet users say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or service.” Do you see how each of the latter statements provides more clarity and gives the potential customer more information about benefits?

    2. Show That You Care.
Sales and marketing is most effective (and easiest) when you have a passion for what you do and absolutely know that it’s effective. You really want people to experience your virtual tour service, because you care about their satisfaction. Show your passion by starting a blog on your website. Always, have a bit of excitement in your voice when you’re talking to clients. Excitement makes people curious to learn more and passion leads to many sales!

     3. Actions Are Louder Than Words.
What you say, and what you do, must match. This creates credibility – being who you say you are. If you forget to follow through on the smallest statement, your client will remember and that will stick in their mind the next time they consider your services. If you are consistent between what you say, and what you do, people will be naturally attracted to you and your service.

    4. Be Competent!
The best marketing in the world will not save a professional who is not competent and skilled at their trade. Although you are probably extraordinarily competent already, make sure to maintain this “edge” by continuous learning through more education, training or whatever you need to continue to be extremely skilled. Take an online course in photography and if you work with a lot of real estate agents make sure to stay on top of the market in your area. Those who are very skilled command higher fees and find it easier to attract and retain high quality clients. Also make sure you keep on top of new technology developments at RTV so that you are always offering your clients all the services at your disposal.

Team RTV
RTV Virtual Tour Software

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