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There are now over 132 million users on Facebook in the US, climbing to almost 1/2 the population! This is incredible. Inbound Marketing such as SEO & Social; Media are allowing for cheaper and more effective marketing potential than ever before.

Common Questions

 1. Should I Have Two Profiles? One for Business, One for Personal?
You don’t need to have a separate account for your business. Many of us already have a personal profile and by creating a whole new profile for your business, you are risking Facebook shutting your account down. The complications involved in handling two separate profiles will also add to the confusion, making your life one step crazier than it already is. Facebook does not want to complicate things for you. Yes, there are a few steps and account settings you will need to make so your Friends aren’t seeing your advertisements and your Boss isn’t reading about changing baby diapers… Which brings us to our next Do-Do.

 2. So How Do I Get My Virtual Tour Business on Facebook?
Create a Page within your Profile. Don’t fear, anything you can do with a profile can also be done with a page. Keep this simple reminder: Profiles are meant for people, and pages are meant for business. Profiles require “accept”ance and businesses can get “liked” by anyone. The [business] Page(s) also come with analytics so you can evaluate marketing effectiveness.

 3. I Don’t Want Negative Comments, Should I Restrict Access to My Wall Postings?
Absolutely not. This is your chance to fix something and make it right. The whole point of the page is to interact with your community and allow comments. The good news is that this is happening on your turf, so you have the chance to respond and uphold a reputation worth standing up for. Chances are the good will outweigh the bad. Every time someone leaves a comment, whether good or bad, that interaction is spread between both your network and theirs. Everyone has heard the phrase, “There is no such thing as bad press.”

The Best Way To Build Customers
1. Put an easy to find “Like” link towards the top of your website or blog
2. Create engaging, sharable, and current content; it may show up in newsfeeds
3. Use the Wall to interact and connect, NOT to promote
4. Fans are looking for an ‘insider’ feeling from Facebook:
•    Offer tips about your industry that apply to buyers
•    Offer discounts, promos, special deals of the day
•    sweepstakes, games, contests
5. People become fans because:
•    They liked your website
•    They saw an ad that caught their attention
•    A friend (or current fan) recommended them

When To Post
Studies have shown posting on the weekend and in the mornings is optimum for getting a lot more engagement for your page. Facebook is very much the kind of thing you do after you get home from work and during the weekend when you have more free time. According to the study, optimal posting frequency is about once every other day.  This way you are keeping a consistency with your audience without inundating them too much.

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