The Large Home Myth

Virtual tours are not just for large homes! A 2009 study by the National Association of Realtors indicates that more than 90% of home buyers search for homes on line. This means virtual tours are important for every home. The study also shows that the internet has surpassed yard signs as the second-most-used method for buyers to find the home they eventually purchase. Here are the significant numbers:

In 2009, 36% of home buyers found their new home through a Realtor; a matching 36% found the home they eventually purchased on line; 12% found a home from a yard sign or open house; and only 2% found their home through a print publication. For perspective, in 2001, 48% of buyers found their home through a Realtor and only 8% found their home on the internet. It seems the internet is poised to surpass Realtors as the way most buyers find a new home!

The home below is only 888 square feet, but it is beautifully maintained in a nice neighborhood – and someone is looking for it on the internet right now! Click on the picture to see the virtual tour.

What do buyers want to see on line? Pictures – more importantly, virtual tours. Many refine their initial search to show only listings with virtual tours. Buyers are deciding what houses they want to see based on what they find on the internet. They are telling their Realtor what homes they want to see, not waiting for the agent to come up with a list. And they are finding that Realtor on line; often because the agent represents one of the homes they want to see. Small homes need to be on the internet with virtual tours.

A virtual tour can show a home that looks small from the outside actually has plenty of space on the inside. It can show that the home has an inviting layout, plenty of light and special features that you can’t see from stills or from the curb.

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Palatial or cozy, every home needs a virtual tour. Get the best. Four Seasons Virtual Tours and RTV, Inc.

Debbie & Mike Higgins