Is your Website Ready for the New Google?

Put your business on the webIf you have been keeping up with the technical news recently, you have come across a piece of business intelligence that will really help out your RTV virtual tour providership – especially if you use one of the new and awesome RTV virtual tour provider websites or if you understand how to create good SEO. 

Ok here’s the skinny: Google has decided to change the way it looks at how its search engine ranks websites.  The new search priorities places extremely high levels of importance on CONTENT, PHOTOS and VIDEO.  Google is looking for sites that actually do what the key word search is looking for. 

Our RTV virtual tour provider sites meet this criteria.  We have Content that easily exceeds our competitors. Our sites are are setup and push our brand.  You don’t see images all of our website promoting anyone else but us as independent photographers. Many of you have customized the RTV power point presentations and turned them into video for your websites.  By now most of us have learned how to add video in our virtual tours. And finally we have one way links out to some incredible relevant partners and we actually have great design that incorporates all of the search criteria for the new “google”.

Since the google announcement two weeks ago, our phones have been ringing off the hook with requests for quotes for virtual tours from Realtors® we had never heard of before.  When asked how they found us, all answered Google searching. Having not really searched my specific keywords recently, I decided to do a search.  To my great surprise and delight, we came up in the top four positions and then again in the 6th position.  Of course the top four were the RTV blogs, but that didn’t matter because it had the link to our website within the blog.  The hit in the 6th position was our flash page which takes you to our professional portfolio website from   

We wish all of our fellow RTV providers the same good luck with the new google search parameters and encourage them to redesign their SEO to take advantage of this great tool towards more business.