The Image 24 – Lenses and Locations

The IMAGEDo you know what lens to use for shooting tours? 

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Hi, Ben Knorr here, your IMAGE webinar host from RTV, Inc.

I frequently receive calls from providers who want to know what lens they should use for shooting tours or what lens would be the best wide angle lens to use.  Now is your chance to not only hear about different lenses, but to see the same photo taken with each different wide angle lens for a side by side comparison.

In addition to lens options we are also going to talk about where in the room to shoot your pictures.  It is not always easy to pick the best location in the room to shoot from, especially when you are new to virtual tours.  Learn how you can get the most out of the lens you have by choosing the right location and how different lenses will lend themselves to different location opportunities.

I am excited to have Jim Blue joining me as we talk about some very important topics to all of you.

Join us March 29, 2011 at 7pm Eastern as we learn about lenses and locations.

The official photography webinar of RTV virtual tour software company!

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