Compliments Work For You

The results of a recent survey released by the National Association of REALTORS indicated that 46% of sellers desire online listing enhancement which includes virtual tours. Internal  Logs at REALTOR.COM showed that only 10% of listings on their site actually receive an enhancement of any sort. This indicates a disconnect between consumer demand and the services most REALTORS are actually offering their consumers.

The mere fact that a REALTOR has contacted you to request a virtual tour for a property listing indicates that they are in a minority population of REALTORS taking one of the necessary steps to satisfy consumer demand and properly market a seller’s property. This justifies your endorsement.

Part 1: While you are at the property, make a point to compliment the seller on their choice of REALTOR. Be sure to emphasize the fact that the virtual tour will increase their exposure and that it has been proven to aid in shorter sales cycles and higher selling prices. The fact that their REALTOR is aware of this and decided to take action is going to give the seller an advantage over comparable listings that do not have a virtual tour.

Part 2: At whatever time you deem to be appropriate, make a point to compliment the REALTOR for their decision to use virtual tours in their marketing system. Explain that you work with many REALTORS in the area and their commitment to an effective marketing system that includes virtual tours is refreshing.

Complimenting the REALTOR to the seller will reinforce the seller’s confidence in their agent and boost their own ego for having chosen a good REALTOR.

The REALTOR will appreciate hearing that you spoke highly of them when they eventually hear from the seller that you offered a compliment and this is sure to guarantee a long term relationship between you and the agent.

The compliment will reinforce the idea that virtual tours are necessary to effectively market a property in the mind of the seller. The seller will be more likely to recommend to friends who are planning to sell their homes that they make sure to list with agents who use virtual tours thereby driving business back to you.

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