Are you building your brand?

There’s a lot of talk in marketing about building a brand identity. It’s not just the visual aspect of your logo or brochure, it’s what your customer experiences emotionally.

Customer service is what is going to set you apart from the competition. Are you smiling, cheerful and read to go the extra mile? Do you promptly reply to phone messages? Do you make an effort to get to know your customers and their families or hobbies? Ask questions, be genuinely interested and listen…but most importantly retain that information, so you can ask about specific people or topics at a later date. Repeat business will happen once they know they will get the same pleasant experience each and every time.

Quality products and services also help to promote a positive brand identity. High quality = satisfied customers which results in repeat business. We don’t have anything to worry about in this area because we are Real Tour Vision providers. We already provide the highest quality virtual tours available on the market.

You – The RTV provider is often the brand. What do you say about your virtual tour company? What words, feelings or images do you evoke in your customers? Once you have defined the image and feeling you and your business evoke, the next step is to reinforce your brand with your marketing efforts such as vehicle signage, business cards, logo and customer service strategy.

Loyalty is what happens when your customers receive quality products and virtual tour services combined with consistently excellent customer service. They will become committed and loyal to you. Loyalty is what keeps you in the front of their minds, resulting in repeat business and generating referrals.

Your brand is your competitive edge and what makes you stand out against the competition. Take the time to carefully develop it and make every effort to support it…every single day.

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