An RTV Testimonial

I am very impressed with the support I have received from everyone involved with my joining the RTV team and helping me in my virtual tour marketing endeavors.  Everyone has been extremely responsive to every request I have made.  I was very impressed with what I learned about RTV as I compared them to the other virtual tour software solutions out there. I felt that I could differentiate myself from the “crowd” with the help of RTV.  I have not been disappointed.  I have been especially pleased with the support I have received from Ben Knorr.

He has extended himself far beyond what I would have expected.  He was not encumbered by the training “policy and practices” that were clearly defined but reached out to help me produce results for those whom I have engaged in marketing the RTV concept of “virtual” tours.  I used quotes because they are virtual but clearly cannot be compared to what most think of when they hear “virtual tour”.  I could not end without recognizing the support I have received from Sue in developing my virtual tour company website, from Jacque for all the suggestions she has made to help me improve, and also for Eve’s patience with me.

Best regards,

Ken Furesz

PS:  I wish I could attend the RTV convention/conference.   However, my finances cannot afford the expense at this time.