QR Codes and Mobile Websites


At the National Association of Realtors annual convention in November, the word was: QR codes and mobile websites. We’ve talked about QR codes on this blog before, and we’ll say it again: this is the hottest technology going. QR codes are everywhere. On websites, coupons, flyers, signs, in store displays, magazines, and business cards.

For real estate agents, the most important thing is to have your QR code point to your mobile website, not a single listing site. We’ve seen a few QR codes on For Sale signs, but they only bring up information on that particular listing. Wouldn’t you rather have a prospect scan in your QR code and immediately see ALL your listings instead of just one?

Imagine this: a prospective buyer drives by one of your listings and scans the QR code on your sign. A video of you introducing yourself and your company comes up on the smartphone screen. In your video, you instruct the viewer to click on a button to call you immediately, or to enter a numeric code to receive details on a specific listing. Do you think you’ve got them hooked now?

If you haven’t set up your mobile website yet, what are you waiting for? How much business do you want to lose before you catch up with the power sellers?

Ric Larson
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