The Pitch has Revved my Engine!

Last night’s Alan’s virtual tour presentation was very educative, fun and enjoyable. I couldn’t connect to the Webinar because of security issue with my laptop for the first 20min or so.  I ‘m glad I can go back, download and watch again. 

Thank you so much RTV team for setting up the new online virtual tour software and a very easy to use online Tour Management System for their individual business owners like me.  ‘How little I know’ was my feeling after watching his show, as far the newer technology and all the gadgets that are around to day. Things are changing fast for sure and only with the help of RTV will I ever catch up!  The webinars and extended education classes are the BEST that I’ve ever attended online.

Ben’s webinar the IMAGE is amazing for learning to take good pictures of homes and businesses while the FORMULA  is the show to watch for marketing and sales. As a Worcester virtual tour provider looking to be the best in my region, I know that I’m on my way!  The Formula 44 certainly kicked my interest and eagerness (and I’m sure it did to lot of others who watched it last night), to learn more about growing my JayPhotos Virtual Tour business to the next level. I look forward to many more inspirational Webinars like ‘The Pitch’ and creating hundreds of flash virtual tours in the near future 

Thanks RTV,
Raju Alagawadi
JayPhotos Virtual Tour
Worcester Virtual Tours
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