New RTV provider Website Update

Can we get a drum roll going? We are ready to roll out the new provider Site 2.0 Upgrade! We’ve tweaked and honed the system in order to offer it to new and existing virtual tours providers at the same time!

For existing provider Site customers, you have the option to keep your current site just the way it is, or take the FREE upgrade. The upgrade will not happen automatically. If you want this upgrade now, just drop an email to providersite((AT)) and say, “I want the upgrade on my site!”

With the brand new Content Management System that comes with the upgrade, you will now have the ability to add/remove pages at will, change your template, colors, fonts etc., and add all of your social links. Most notably, your 360 tours will now import into your provider site automatically!!

The upgraded sites have all new templates, similar to the templates seen already on the Agent Site Program. Remember, you can sell these agent sites to your clients at no cost to you, and then make residual income for as long as the site is live. If you haven’t seen the Agent Site Program yet, you really need to check it out!

Please note that any changes you make to your current Virtual Tour provider Site will be rolled over into the upgrade, so don’t hold off on editing your site in the meantime. Go ahead and do it now.

For prospective provider Site customers, visit our website to get going on your new site. Our website goes into great detail about what we have to offer you. Login to your TMS now and click on the button on the left for Virtual Tour Websites to get started. You asked for it, we listened! We think this upgrade is going to knock your socks off!

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