The FORMULA 45 “Press Worthy Press Releases”

So you’ve started up your property marketing firm, you’ve got business cards printed up, you customized marketing pieces, established your pricing, launched your virtual tour website, and you even put that beautiful logo on your vehicle.  Now what?  I’ll tell you what…it’s time to make some noise about your personal brand and what makes your service offering attractive to your customer base, unique, and in demand. 

Making noise about your virtual tour company is a great way to create exciting content to blog about and also let people know that you’re a legitimate company.  During my first year as a TC virtual tour company I tried to schedule a press release for at least once every quarter or so.  I made sure not to launch everything or even too many things at once.  I always saved a property marketing tool for the following month so I could keep making noise and generating excitement about the brand I was creating. 

Please join myself and Marketing Director, Phil Callighan on February 15th at 7:00 Eastern for a show of shows that could only lead to “bad news” if you don’t attend.  By popular demand RTV presents to you The FORMULA 45 – Press Worthy Press Releases. 

Phil Callighan is a Senior Account Executive and Marketing Director originally from Chicago. He has been a writer-producer, creative director and president of agencies whose client roster has included Fortune 100 corporations as well as entrepreneurial ventures. Phil is a sought-after consultant and has helped build product and corporate brands for several financial institutions, as well as healthcare corporations, building products, hardware and high-tech businesses. Phil has also supervised creation of award-winning PR campaigns and has built several brands with the power of PR. 

On February 15th Phil will show the RTV network how “You can do this too!”.   See you on the FORMULA 45 RTV! Sign up now in your TMS.

Yours Sincerely,

Jason LaVanture
360 Tours & Digital Marketing Training