Finding RTV – The David Stegmeir Story

A year or so ago I signed up on a photography websites looking for jobs in my area. What I really needed was a way to turn my love of photography into a new career.  I got emails from them weekly on all sorts of photography related positions around the country.  I hadn’t found one that appealed to me until one day this past December, when I saw an ad for “Virtual Tour Photography and how I could learn about stitching panoramas.  The ad was one that RTV had posted looking to fill a gap in their virtual tour network. After reading the details, I began to get excited.  I had looked into real estate photography over the past year and I was sure that this was the niche~ I was looking for. 

When I looked at the virtual tours at RTV, I was so impressed with the high quality of the virtual tours, the extensive business / marketing training they provide, and professionalism that I knew I had to get involved with this virtual tour company.

I had previously researched five other virtual tour companies around the World.  Some of which even bad-mouthed RTV on their site! Obviously jealous and a a tell tale sign they would be not my #1 choice to get into business with. Finally and overall I was less than impressed with the products and the support that they had to offer.

I filled out an inquiry form and RTV called me back immediately.   Within a matter of a few days I made the decision to partner with RTV, was signed up, and ready to begin my new adventure and new career as a Connecticut virtual tour provider.

Dave Stegmeir
Connecticut Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 203 885-0207