Chrome Dome vs The Fox

As a Pismo Beach virtual tour provider, being as efficient as possible is at the top of my list. I recently tried the new Google browser, Chrome. I have been an avid Firefox user with no problems in the past, so ‘Why fix it if it ain’t broken?’  Well, Firefox didn’t break, but I was having problems with loading several pages I use often, including my own website. In a bind, I went with my brother’s suggestion to give Chrome a try. I wasn’t dazzled, but I wasn’t let down either. If you have an internet presence (like a website or online portfolio) then you’ll find this interesting.

Aside from being what I would consider my areas top producer of panoramas I’m also an SEO expert in training thanks to the #1 Virtual Tour Company in the world, one of the 1st things I noticed about Chrome is what they call an “incognito” window. Without getting nerdy on everyone, the incognito window claims to not use any of your information when browsing-no cookies, no cache, no passwords, nada. I found this interesting, useful, and painfree.

How is the incognito window interesting? Becuase if you have a website and would like to see how it ranks, this is your best bet for actual non-biased resluts. What do I mean ‘non-biased?’ If you don’t clear your browsing history on a regular basis (why would you?) then Google stores it and eventually starts steering your search results in your direction, which I am usually quite happy with. However, after a couple days of not clearing my browser history, my website starts to rank better… on MY brower, but maybe not yours.

Speed Performance. Although some Chrome vs Firefox research has shown slightly better performance with Chrome, I haven’t noticed a huge difference. Although if your computer or laptop is low on resources, (like less than 1.5 Ghz RAM, and I am one of them) and Firefox is starting to get really sluggish, then check out Google’s Chrome. In all fairness, when Firefox was an infant, it ran similarly. As more hackers attack the new browser, I am sure Chrome will have to build more walls, too. Time will tell.

In Conclusion, I like Chrome, and would like to see more customization, which I am sure is on the way. It is great for laptops, which I do a lot of my Pismo Beach Virtual Tours on, but still prefer Firefox on my desktop for its extensions and organization. Hope this helps someone out there! 🙂

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