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Our experiences have been great with RTV virtual tour software company. When we first joined they gave us great advice on how to start up our market in the Shreveport Louisiana area. As their product has evolved and advanced so has their support. They now have a marketing system that we have also joined. We have come a long way from just cold calling prospective clients, with all the marketing resources we now have access to since joining the RPM. We highly recommend the RPM virtual tour marketing for all the webinars and other resources to jump start your virtual tour business.

When we signed up 6 yrs ago RTV had the best looking and fastest loading Virtual Tours out there. We know because we compared them to other companies. The other companies wanted to charge you for something every time you turned around just to do your business and their tours made you dizzy looking at them. The RTV tours function on a different process without the fisheye look. As time has gone by, RTV just keeps improving upon the virtual tour software. Our virtual tours here in Shreveport look even better know with the HD Full screen capability on our tours. We also have HD slide shows available to us.

Along the way our virtual tour company got into website design as an addition to our VT business. Many things we have learned from RTV such as search engine optimization, we have integrated in other areas beyond virtual tours for our customers.

All I can say is our experience has been great. From learning marketing ideas from Jason and others through the many webinars, to our interrelations with Torie at technical support, we are very happy to be an RTV virtual tour provider and full service provider.

My advice is to definitely check out all the competition. I say this for two reasons. First you will see we have the best product and support, and second you’ll appreciate RTV that much more. Lastly I would ask them about their websites. As a web designer myself I can say they provide a very good site for a very economical price.

Hope this helps those of you that are searching!

Gary and Rebecca Bolda
Shreveport Virtual Tours
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In my years at RTV I have seen a lot of photos. I mean, A LOT of photos. Some are wonderful and amazing, some are ok, and occasionally there will be some that leave me feeling like I need to wash my eyes out with hot water.

For a long time I would take note of who the good photographers were and avoid the ones that submitted less than stellar images, and I left it at that. But then I heard Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and changed the way I did things. It made me realize that the message I had been sending you when I didn’t give feedback was “I give up on you. I don’t think you can do it.” And that wasn’t true.

I was just afraid someone would get angry with me. I like to be liked. I like to be nice. But I also believe in you and think you can do better and want you to do better, so now I try to tell you when things don’t come out exactly how they should. Or I make Melissa tell you, lol. My hope is that I am doing you a favor and helping you grow, and I think for the most part people take it that way. But sometimes they don’t and there are angry emails and phone calls to me and about me and I have to deal with the ramifications. And that’s ok, I’m a big girl, I can deal with it.

But a month or so ago I gave some feedback to a photographer hoping that he could look into what was going wrong with his shoots and figure out how to fix it. His response was so appreciated that I asked if I could share it with you.


I wanted to Thank You for this feedback. I have been wanting this since the beginning. I have no idea what I could be doing to provide a better product without the opinion of someone else.

I had a feeling that we were going to have a problem with these last pictures. I noticed that I was having some problems with my lens about 4 months ago. My shots started having those halos and streaks through them. I have been trying to edit them out and it is just not working.

FYI, I have purchased an “L” series lens for my Canon 50d, as well as a portable, softbox, flash kit to help with the lighting in the darker areas of the hotels.

I also enrolled in a short photography class to help with these issues, if in fact, it is me and not just the lens that is doing this.

As for this last shoot, I will be happy to re-shoot this location when he calls me back out this Spring, as I do not like not providing what is expected from me.

Thanks for the information and please let me know when more information comes about the conference. I will need to know ASAP so I can schedule accordingly here with my work.


His gracious response shows that he truly understood that my feedback was meant to help him grow. He also went one step further and offered to fix any issues that we had with his initial shoot. And that speaks volumes to me. His desire to learn and grow and also to provide the best product possible will keep him working with RTV for a long time.

Jacqueline Burke
Director of National Accounts
Toll Free 866-947-8687 Option 6
Direct 231-932-1605

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Big, warm, fuzzy congratulations to Jason and Heather LaVanture on their little bundle of joy.
Emerson Scott LaVanture was born early this morning at 1:30-ish. He was 21 inches long and weighed 8 lbs and 9 oz. He is absolutely adorable and we all want to munch on his cheeks! Okay, possibly Ben would pass that up but we would fight over his turn 🙂 We wish all three of them the best during this wonderful time!

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I have been an RTV provider in Delaware for over 8 years, and I have shot thousands of virtual tours with the Real Tour Vision system. RTV offers its providers great customer service. When I have a question or problem I just email or call in and I get a response quickly.

The other great thing about RTV is that they are constantly improving their software and system. This allows me to spend less time in the tour production process. They are also working on rolling out new features with their HD virtual tours and fullscreen V-Slide slideshows. These new features make it easier for me to sell tours to new customers, and to retain my existing customers. This alone makes RTV stand out and it is what makes them the leader in Virtual Tour technology.

Graves Carey
Rehoboth Beach Virtual Tours
360 Visions Virtual Tours

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RTV virtual tours  are effectively driving the Real Estate market in a positive direction. RTV not only aids in the complete marketing of a property, they offer tips and tools to agents on how to attract more viewings of a listing and ultimately the buyer.

The virtual tour software team over there knows how to increase exposure for both the property and the agent essentially helping the whole real estate market advance to the next level. I am honored to be an RTV virtual tour photographer. Virtual tour providers, and real estate agents among this elite group of high-class individuals are truly a step above the competition.

Thank YOU for all you do to help us all, RTV!  

Liana Harrison,

Liana Harrison
Virtual Tours, Journalism, Public Relations
Phoenix Virtual Tours
Eclipse Photography & Marketing
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