Wisconsin Virtual Tour Provider Rings in New Year

2011 is finally here and 360 Image Media, your Wisconsin Virtual Tour Provider could not be happier. With 2011 came a chance to make our virtual tours and real estate photography even better. Along side of our technology partners over at RTV, we launched our all NEW High Definition Slideshows, and all we can say is WOW.  RTV also just launched their new virtual tour software, Tour Builder 4 Online.

What does this do for me you say? Well two fold for all the RTV providers out there, this will streamline the time needed to create and go live with a new Virtual Tour. For the customers of Wisconsin Virtual Tours , this means we can turn around our finished product even quicker than our already industry leading turnaround times. We have built 3 tours with the new Tour Builder 4 since the launch on Monday and it is amazing, fast, and just plain easy. It should easily save us fifteen to twenty minutes per virtual tour!

Also since everything 360 Image Media does is Apple based, the new online builder allows freedom from our last remaining ties to Windows, Goodbye Microsoft you won’t be missed. So whether you’re a real estate agent, business owner, or RTV provider, Tour Builder 4 allows you to dominate the competition, and provide unbeatable quality, speed, and all around superb products for your customers. 

We are also excited to launch a new local real estate blog Wisconsin Real Estate for Sale. It will have local Listings and informational posts for local real estate professionals, from other real estate professionals. We plan to optimize this new blog and drive massive amounts of traffic here from potential home buyers as well as local real estate professionals.

If you are a real estate professional and have a good article or blog story send it to us at Wisconsin Real Estate for Sale.  We are excited and ready to make 2011 even bigger and better than 2010. Our team here at 360 Image Media looks forward to all the amazing virtual tours and customers we will get to work with in the coming year.  Don’t miss your chance to board the Technology Bullet Train, its steaming straight through your neighborhood, and were the engineers.

To see how 360 Image Media can help you photograph, market, and execute a amazing plan in 2011 give us a call today.

Robin Duran & The 360 Image Media Team
Wisconsin Virtual Tours
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