Vroom Vroom – There Goes my Exposure Engine!

Since 2009, Larimar Images has been providing virtual tours, photography and marketing solutions to real estate professionals and business owners in Wausau, WI.  In 2009 our digital marketing company was given the opportunity to become an RTV virtual tour provider. I can tell you all out there, RTV’s virtual tour software out performs other virtual tour software by leaps and bounds!  I’ve tried em!!!!

Jason and his staff are readily available to answer  questions at a moments notice and that is another reason I am so happy to have joined the RTV team.  Most of all I look forward to watching their bi-weekly digitam marketing and photography training webinars and last week was no exception.  I would like to tell you about last weeks webinar and my discovery.  While hosting the webinar last week Jason reminded us that we should be offering a product called The Exposure Engine.  I knew this was available and it was at the top of my list to learn what it was all about so I could start offering this to my real estate clients for their listings.

I quickly e-mailed RTV and they instantly replied stating that I should watch the Formula 13, a past virtual tour webinar geared towards making an added revenue stream by ripping tours to video and syndicating. Saturday morning I woke up early watched the webinar and proceeded to follow the steps Jason so carefully laid out in the webinar. This product “The Exposure Engine” is supposed to increase an agents listing presence on the web and create more traffic to the tour and I was hoping these claims were true as the more web traffic, the more chance there is for showings and then of course the more chance for a sale!

By 10am Saturday morning I completed the steps on one of my home listings and all I needed to do now was wait and see.  I received the web traffic report on this home early Sunday morning.  All of my clients receive this report if they order one of my Wausau virtual tours or HD slideshows from me. The weekly report tells in great detail, how many people viewed the virtual tour, and where on the web they came from along with other details.  I was excited and completely amazed at the difference!  For about 2 months this home was receiving about 4 -6 hits per week, and now the report was showing 15 with 13 web views  in the last 24 hours which was when I added the Exposure Engine to this listing!

I am completely sold on the Exposure Engine product and so are my customers! I will surely be promoting this tool to help my clients gain rank and more exposure for their listings!  The added marketing it offers my company is fantastic too!  The proof is in the “web traffic report” and I can’t wait to show this to my clients!

If you want more web traffic to your listings be sure to call me Lori WoldtLarimar Images – Virtual Tours and digital marketing to enhance your web presence.  By the way…if you have not signed up for the next FORMULA 43 episode you really need to.  This will be all about the brand new 2011 Exposure Engine which includes a QR Code!!

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