Virtual Tour Software Launch | Tour Builder 4.0 Live

Virtual Tour SoftwareWe’re very excited to inform you that our new Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software is live and ready to use. If you’re an RTV customer simply take a moment and login to your to download the instructions. If you prefer, you can also watch The FORMULA Episode 41 for a full video tutorial on the new system from our site.

Secondly, and as a reminder to you, please take a moment and register for tonight’s FORMULA show.  We’ll be going over some very important updates and talking about using the power of QR codes in your local market. Find out why Dawn Frees has been in her local newspapers already twice for using QR codes.  See why Nancy Bain’s phone has been ringing off the hook for QR code presentations.

Bottom Line –You DON’T want to be the last one on this train. Come to the show and see why!

Register here

Enjoy the new virtual tour software technology RTV!

Yours Sincerely,
Team RTV
Order a virtual tour: 866-947-8687