Virtual Florida Tours is Growing!

Virtual Florida Tours has undergone a sustained growth during the last year through our partnership with RTV virtual tour company.  Virtual Florida Tours introduced a huge number of new services for our clients.
During the past year we introduced our VFT high definition elevated pictures, the HD slide shows and recently RTV developed the new Tour Builder 4.0 that will make a lot easier to build the tours reducing the steps on the process and saving about fifteen to twenty minutes of time it will be required to place the tour on the Internet.

This year through our partnership with RTV we have also welcomed the development of totally editable websites for realtors and small business. Through our partnership with TXT2look we are able to provide mobile websites for realtors. Recently this technology can be enhanced with the introduction of QR signs. Now prospects with a smart phone can take a picture of your QR sign that is on your rider and browse through your website just seconds later.

All these enhancements are just the technological part of the services we provide. Since we also train our customers to increase the SEO of their website and train them on the importance of having a blog that will not only increase the traffic to their site but increase the business that the website will provide.

For your entire Internet marketing needs do not hesitate to contact us or simply call us at 305 331 8960.

Gabriel Duque.
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