TC Virtual Tours Now offering QR Codes

Team BlueLaVaMedia, Traverse City Virtual Tour Provider, is very pleased to inform you that you’re going to be getting MORE VALUE than ever in 2011!!  First off all of our virtual tours are now automatically created in High Definition (HD).  No additional work is required on our end to make your virtual tours HD so we’re passing that time savings to YOU, our valued customer. From here forward all of our virtual tours will be HD at no extra cost to you.  Check out our current real estate tour pricing at

Please don’t forget that we’re also currently running a buy five and get one free special on all of these packages until next Friday 1-14-11.

Secondly, we’re expanding our Exposure Engine offering to now include a QR code for you to use in your print advertising (or wherever else you see fit).  A QR or Quick Response code can be scanned in by ANY web enabled smart phone and link a shopper directly to your virtual tour or youtube video for that listing.  Try it now!  Scan the code below with a bar code reader on your smart phone and you will see our virtual tour template load. If you need a barcode reader simply go into your app store and download one.  They’re free!

For those of you that don’t have flash enabled phones you will have to click on the iPad & Smartphone link off the tour to catch the video.  Are you ready for the best part?  When anyone scans your QR codes and checks out your virtual tours these will appear as HITS on your weekly virtual tour hit reports!!

Jim is currently booking presentations around town regarding our new QR Code technology and Mobile Websites. Please contact Jim at least a week or two in advance for a presentation at your office of this new and exciting technology. If you have any questions about our new HD Virtual tours, QR Codes, or Mobile Websites please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thanks for your support!

Team BlueLaVaMedia

Jim, Jason & Heather
TC Virtual Tours
http://www.BlueLaVaMedia.comOrder a virtual tour: 231-946-1360