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owner, Hal Holubik announces ToursdForce, the professional provider of promotional media services. Today we announce the official launch of 2011 Social Ignition course for small businesses and real estate agents. a Lenawee County virtual tour company will continue to help provide entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to increase traffic to their websites, create better SEO (search engine optimization), and of course encourage small business growth here in Lenawee County and the surrounding region.

“We recognize that small businesses need expert guidance and professional knowledge when it comes to SEO and social networking to truly become Visible,” said Hal Holubik, Owner/Operator of Our Program will help provide business owners with the steps necessary to take advantages of blogging, social networking, social bookmarking and micro blogging. Business owners willing to dedicate a little time each week WILL be able to dominate search engine results in their area, drive more traffic to their site and become a recognized leader in their field.

Hal Holubik has been helping small businesses with online marketing and social media for over three years. “What started as a hobby has now turned into a home based business,” says Hal Holubik. The popular YouTube website has helped this and many other small businesses streamline promotional products and services to potential customers through the World Wide Web.

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Google has also played an important role in his entrepreneur success. Hal Holubik states, “I enjoy helping small business owners and real estate agents write relevant and quality content enabling Google perform it magic and bring them up on first page search results. Small businesses continue to understand the importance of online marketing and social media and how Google helps people find information through their web based search engine results.”

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Today, it’s impossible to separate social media from the online world.  Facebook reached 350 million users in 2009 – and it accounts for 25% of the Web’s traffic, according to Pew nearly one in five people on the web use Twitter or some other service to check status messages, and 94% of enterprises plan to maintain or increase their investment in enterprise social media tools. The social media conversation is no longer considered a Web 2.0 fad – it’s taking place in homes, small businesses and corporate settings, and extending its reach into nonprofit, education and health sectors. People now speak of social media as simply another channel or tactic to bring more people to their websites.

As new businesses grow and develop, social media innovation will no longer be limited by technology. Companies will need to look to innovate the way they use existing technology, rather than focusing on technology enhancements themselves. Small businesses will need to look to new ways of turning information into wisdom and insight into action. According to Hal Holubik, “Times are tough and forcing many small businesses into making cuts. However, this is the time for businesses to invest in 360 virtual tours, other innovation and web based services to help customers understand their mission and to gain the competitive edge.”

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