Reserve Your Seat for – The FORMULA 44 – “The Pitch II”

If you reacted at all like I did then you were sitting at your computer during the last episode of “The Pitch” with a HUGE smile on your face. You had a vision of yourself in front of a group of real estate agents and they were all looking back at you nodding in harmony. When Alan Fon finished half way through his pitch your mind wandered and you thought to yourself, “Self, if your pitch was anything like this we would be doing hundreds of virtual tours each year!” Well, guess what?? You most likely are a 100% correct on that.

RTV providers with a good sales pitch, our product, and a shred of confidence in their corner go head to head with their local competitors and shoot hundreds of virtual tours a year. Alan is back to deliver the second half of his proven sales pitch in The FORMULA 44 – “The Pitch II”

Please join us for this fantastic follow up on Tuesday, Feb 8th at 7:00 PM Eastern with Alan Fon, the owner of He will share the second half of his sales pitch that has built his virtual tour company to be one of the largest in the world. All in the small town of Corpus Christi.

“Anyone can do this!” – Alan Fon
Corpus Christi Virtual Tours

Because of the invaluable contents of this show it will be an Inner Circle only event. All Inner Circle members will receive their invitation via email prior to the show. See you there!

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