How I Found RTV

When I bought my first DSLR camera four years ago, it did not take long for a hobby to grow into a real passion.  I knew in an instant that this medium would lead me to a new and exciting career.  As I studied and learned all I could about the “Art” of photography as well as the technical aspects of it, I realized that I would need to look for a niche` market for my photography.  The business of photography is one of the most competitive industries I know of.

One day I found myself looking for a new house and, like most people these days, I began my search online.  What I saw both surprised and excited me.  I discovered that the vast majority of homes I looked at, both for sale and for rent, were being marketed with photographs that did not give me a good sense of what the home really looked like.  I noticed that a very few homes were being marketed with virtual tours and high resolution slide shows.  The differences were stark and I could immediately see what a difference it made in the way the viewer saw the home.

I recognized at this point that I could actually provide a much needed and valued service by making this the niche` I had been looking for.  I spent the next year researching everything I needed to know about real estate photography, virtual tours, digital marketing and more.  I looked into which lens was best, how the images were made and edited, and most importantly, how these virtual tours were created and marketed.  My research of course, continually led me to “RTV, Inc”.  RTV is one of many virtual tour software companies that I looked at and by a wide margin, RTV shone above the rest in what they had to offer.  Their state of the art cutting edge proprietary software and approach to marketing convinced me that I wanted to partner with them.

I contacted Jason LaVanture, Vice President of RTV, and discussed with him what my goals are, and soon afterward I partnered with RTV to be my provider of my Danbury virtual tour company.  Judging by the vast network of RTV providers and the fantastic support and continuing education they provide, I am certain that this is the beginning of a long a very prosperous relationship with RTV. In fact…I’ve already got tours booked and sold!!!

Dave Stegmeir
Connecticut Virtual Tours
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