From a Caterpiller to a Butterfly we are Transformed! Wow!, I mean Wow!, this new Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software is really great!  If you haven’t heard about the new 4.0 that has been launched by RTV 360 Tours then let me tell you that you are missing out. 

The extra steps in the virtual tour building process before reminded me of a Caterpiller, we were working hard through  several steps in the process to weave through the virtual tour software a tour that would emerge as a beautiful display of HD slideshows, similar to the caterpillar weaving a cocoon of silk and later the
magic of complete metamorphosis takes place and the ugly green caterpillar is transformed into a
beautiful, colorful, butterfly. Our struggles are over and the transformation is breath taking, we are
transformed. All the hard work and time consuming work has been cut in half due to the new Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software.

Real Tour Vision has worked really hard this year to eliminate several steps as well as a few
complicated steps in the Tour Building process in order to make the transformation of virtual tour
building a much more pleasant one. Tulsa Eagle Eye is designing some beautiful butterflies through our
HD Virtual Slideshows, Exposure Engines, that are attracting a lot of attention.  This year is going
to be a year with lot of colorful butterflies, they will be in the form of HD virtual tours for residential/commercial real estate, businesses, factory’s, auto providerships, City Parks and the avenues
will be endless.

Being creative is the key while seeing every business, trade, industry, doctor & dentist
office or business professional as a potential virtual tour customer. I found that the people that cross my
path each day are selling, designing, promoting, or marketing, to potential customers, so why not give them
what they need, a digital virtual tour online to get their message in front of thousands instead of one at
a time.

As a Tulsa virtual tour company here in Oklahoma I have looked up several local business websites online
and was overwhelmed to discover that only about 5% had some kind of virtual display of their business online
and most of those where just still images. With all the marketing tools at our fingertips and the best virtual
tours on the market everyone should be producing some beautiful butterflies this year.  So hurry, follow the
flock of butterflies, and let’s transform RTV Virtual Tour Market for 2011 into a phenomenal money making year.

Let’s see more butterflies.

We all applaud you, RTV for the wonderful work with this new virtual tour software!

Vicki Tuttle
Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours
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