The FORMULA 43 – Exposure Engine 2011

Did you know that BlueLaVaMedia (Traverse Virtual Tours) made nearly $6000 in 2010 JUST by offering an Exposure Engine? We sold 310 real estate virtual tours / V-Slides and 295 Exposure Engines were ordered. Now that’s penetration! Did you know that Island Digital Images (Corpus Virtual Tours) brought in $9300 in Exposure Engine sales in a single year?? Owner Alan Fon called us up on the phone at the year’s end thanking RTV for giving his virtual tour company such an amazing new revenue stream.  What is an Exposure Engine?

Does the Exposure Engine take work?? Yes of course it does but it’s 20 minutes of your time that PAYS IN BIG RETURNS and if done correctly gives YOUR COMPANY maximum exposure at the same time. Are you ready to teach every home shopper in your community why they need to use your virtual tour service and get paid for it at the same time? Are you ready to drive your per tour profits up with the most powerful virtual tour add-on ever conceived? If you’re ready, you need to come to the FORMULA 43 on Jan 18th at 7:00 Eastern. The Exposure Engine 2011 is going to leave you screaming, “Yeah Baby!”

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