Baton Rouge Photographer Shouts Out

The new virtual tour software, Tour Builder 4.0 online from RTV is truly awesome! You guys must have worked very hard on it and I truly hope it gives many future customers the opportunity for a free trial. I’ve testified many times to how happy I am with your virtual tour product, updates, company, and will continue to do so, but nothing beats a free trial and an opportunity to put your money where our mouth is! The new online version can prove what we have all be talking about.

I’ve been a full service RTV Tour Builder for 4 years now and this Baton Rouge photographer is happy to take advantage of any of the virtual tour software updates, especially when it come to speeding up my tour building time. Not only did you deliver speed and ease but, woo wee, the HD virtual tour with high resolution photography and Full Screen capability makes me fall in love with your product all over again. I’m going back to re-upload previous clients with virtual tours to the update because it’s really no trouble at all with new virtual tour builder software.

Keep up the great work RTV!
Carolyn Morton

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