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When I bought my first DSLR camera four years ago, it did not take long for a hobby to grow into a real passion.  I knew in an instant that this medium would lead me to a new and exciting career.  As I studied and learned all I could about the “Art” of photography as well as the technical aspects of it, I realized that I would need to look for a niche` market for my photography.  The business of photography is one of the most competitive industries I know of.

One day I found myself looking for a new house and, like most people these days, I began my search online.  What I saw both surprised and excited me.  I discovered that the vast majority of homes I looked at, both for sale and for rent, were being marketed with photographs that did not give me a good sense of what the home really looked like.  I noticed that a very few homes were being marketed with virtual tours and high resolution slide shows.  The differences were stark and I could immediately see what a difference it made in the way the viewer saw the home.

I recognized at this point that I could actually provide a much needed and valued service by making this the niche` I had been looking for.  I spent the next year researching everything I needed to know about real estate photography, virtual tours, digital marketing and more.  I looked into which lens was best, how the images were made and edited, and most importantly, how these virtual tours were created and marketed.  My research of course, continually led me to “RTV, Inc”.  RTV is one of many virtual tour software companies that I looked at and by a wide margin, RTV shone above the rest in what they had to offer.  Their state of the art cutting edge proprietary software and approach to marketing convinced me that I wanted to partner with them.

I contacted Jason LaVanture, Vice President of RTV, and discussed with him what my goals are, and soon afterward I partnered with RTV to be my provider of my Danbury virtual tour company.  Judging by the vast network of RTV providers and the fantastic support and continuing education they provide, I am certain that this is the beginning of a long a very prosperous relationship with RTV. In fact…I’ve already got tours booked and sold!!!

Dave Stegmeir
Connecticut Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour today: 203 885-0207

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Virtual Florida Tours has undergone a sustained growth during the last year through our partnership with RTV virtual tour company.  Virtual Florida Tours introduced a huge number of new services for our clients.
During the past year we introduced our VFT high definition elevated pictures, the HD slide shows and recently RTV developed the new Tour Builder 4.0 that will make a lot easier to build the tours reducing the steps on the process and saving about fifteen to twenty minutes of time it will be required to place the tour on the Internet.

This year through our partnership with RTV we have also welcomed the development of totally editable websites for realtors and small business. Through our partnership with TXT2look we are able to provide mobile websites for realtors. Recently this technology can be enhanced with the introduction of QR signs. Now prospects with a smart phone can take a picture of your QR sign that is on your rider and browse through your website just seconds later.

All these enhancements are just the technological part of the services we provide. Since we also train our customers to increase the SEO of their website and train them on the importance of having a blog that will not only increase the traffic to their site but increase the business that the website will provide.

For your entire Internet marketing needs do not hesitate to contact us or simply call us at 305 331 8960.

Gabriel Duque.
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Lenawee County virtual tour business
owner, Hal Holubik announces ToursdForce, the professional provider of promotional media services. Today we announce the official launch of 2011 Social Ignition course for small businesses and real estate agents. a Lenawee County virtual tour company will continue to help provide entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to increase traffic to their websites, create better SEO (search engine optimization), and of course encourage small business growth here in Lenawee County and the surrounding region.

“We recognize that small businesses need expert guidance and professional knowledge when it comes to SEO and social networking to truly become Visible,” said Hal Holubik, Owner/Operator of Our Program will help provide business owners with the steps necessary to take advantages of blogging, social networking, social bookmarking and micro blogging. Business owners willing to dedicate a little time each week WILL be able to dominate search engine results in their area, drive more traffic to their site and become a recognized leader in their field.

Hal Holubik has been helping small businesses with online marketing and social media for over three years. “What started as a hobby has now turned into a home based business,” says Hal Holubik. The popular YouTube website has helped this and many other small businesses streamline promotional products and services to potential customers through the World Wide Web.

See our promotional video here:

Google has also played an important role in his entrepreneur success. Hal Holubik states, “I enjoy helping small business owners and real estate agents write relevant and quality content enabling Google perform it magic and bring them up on first page search results. Small businesses continue to understand the importance of online marketing and social media and how Google helps people find information through their web based search engine results.”

Check out Hal’s Lenawee County virtual tour blog!

Today, it’s impossible to separate social media from the online world.  Facebook reached 350 million users in 2009 – and it accounts for 25% of the Web’s traffic, according to Pew nearly one in five people on the web use Twitter or some other service to check status messages, and 94% of enterprises plan to maintain or increase their investment in enterprise social media tools. The social media conversation is no longer considered a Web 2.0 fad – it’s taking place in homes, small businesses and corporate settings, and extending its reach into nonprofit, education and health sectors. People now speak of social media as simply another channel or tactic to bring more people to their websites.

As new businesses grow and develop, social media innovation will no longer be limited by technology. Companies will need to look to innovate the way they use existing technology, rather than focusing on technology enhancements themselves. Small businesses will need to look to new ways of turning information into wisdom and insight into action. According to Hal Holubik, “Times are tough and forcing many small businesses into making cuts. However, this is the time for businesses to invest in 360 virtual tours, other innovation and web based services to help customers understand their mission and to gain the competitive edge.”

To view our social media version of this news release, visit:

About Tours D’ Force
Tours D’ Force is a provider of property marketing services throughout Lenawee and Monroe Counties.
Tours D’ Force is a privately held virtual tour company specializing promotional media services. Our mission is to give outstanding customer support and powerful marketing tools with many features at an affordable price. For more small business information and to learn about Tours D’ Force portfolio and property marketing services, visit

Hal Holubik
Lenawee County Virtual tours
Order a virtual tour today: 517-486-4209

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I recently signed up with RTV virtual tours and can’t be more excited about the opportunity. The new Tour Builder 4 virtual tour software is amazing to say the least. It is quick and easy to build the HD virtual tour once you have produced all the images with the photo stitching software.

I researched lots of virtual tour companies and RTV offers the most comprehensive training, virtual tour business startup, and has the best looking online virtual tours. From the training to the everyday help in getting started, I couldn’t be happier…I just wish there was more time in the day to get everything done.

For marketing, the materials included will work well for helping to get the word out about my new 360 tour business. Luckily I’m already involved with Realtor’s and already sending out the tours I have made as examples of how they can feature their properties.

I’m looking forward to seeing this business grow and all the options it has. With a good team / tour company behind the product, you can’t go wrong.

Jim R Harris
Bozeman, Montana

ps…I’m working on building my site for the Bozeman virtual tours

Jim R Harris
Order a virtual tour today: 406-581-7777

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From a Caterpiller to a Butterfly we are Transformed! Wow!, I mean Wow!, this new Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software is really great!  If you haven’t heard about the new 4.0 that has been launched by RTV 360 Tours then let me tell you that you are missing out. 

The extra steps in the virtual tour building process before reminded me of a Caterpiller, we were working hard through  several steps in the process to weave through the virtual tour software a tour that would emerge as a beautiful display of HD slideshows, similar to the caterpillar weaving a cocoon of silk and later the
magic of complete metamorphosis takes place and the ugly green caterpillar is transformed into a
beautiful, colorful, butterfly. Our struggles are over and the transformation is breath taking, we are
transformed. All the hard work and time consuming work has been cut in half due to the new Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software.

Real Tour Vision has worked really hard this year to eliminate several steps as well as a few
complicated steps in the Tour Building process in order to make the transformation of virtual tour
building a much more pleasant one. Tulsa Eagle Eye is designing some beautiful butterflies through our
HD Virtual Slideshows, Exposure Engines, that are attracting a lot of attention.  This year is going
to be a year with lot of colorful butterflies, they will be in the form of HD virtual tours for residential/commercial real estate, businesses, factory’s, auto providerships, City Parks and the avenues
will be endless.

Being creative is the key while seeing every business, trade, industry, doctor & dentist
office or business professional as a potential virtual tour customer. I found that the people that cross my
path each day are selling, designing, promoting, or marketing, to potential customers, so why not give them
what they need, a digital virtual tour online to get their message in front of thousands instead of one at
a time.

As a Tulsa virtual tour company here in Oklahoma I have looked up several local business websites online
and was overwhelmed to discover that only about 5% had some kind of virtual display of their business online
and most of those where just still images. With all the marketing tools at our fingertips and the best virtual
tours on the market everyone should be producing some beautiful butterflies this year.  So hurry, follow the
flock of butterflies, and let’s transform RTV Virtual Tour Market for 2011 into a phenomenal money making year.

Let’s see more butterflies.

We all applaud you, RTV for the wonderful work with this new virtual tour software!

Vicki Tuttle
Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours
Order a Virtual tour today 918-622-3280

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