Virtual Tour Software Technology Tip

This virtual tour software tech tip covers how to add a virtual tour gallery to a non-real estate virtual tour. The “View My Tour Gallery” link only shows up on real estate tour types (RE, RC, VL, and IN). The reason for this is that most non-real estate tours are assigned to an owner that has a single tour, instead of a real estate agent that has many tours.

Support has been contacted lately by several providers who didn’t realize this and need a tour gallery featured on a group of tours. There is a way to add your own Gallery button if that is essential to your client’s needs. Follow the directions below for each of your client’s tours.

Adding the “View my Tour Gallery” option

1. Log into TMS
2. Mouse over My Account
3. Click Your Clients
4. Locate your Owner in the list
5. On the far right click on the magnifying glass symbol to open up the gallery page
6. Highlight the complete url in the address bar
7. Press Ctrl+c on the keyboard to copy the link
8. Close the gallery page
9. Locate a tour for the owner on TMS
10. Click the Pencil icon
11. Click on the Buttons tab
12. Locate the Video line
13. Click in the empty Link box on the far right
14. Press Ctrl+v on the keyboard to paste in the URL
15. Click in the box to the right of the word Video
16. Backspace over the word Video
17. Type in Gallery, View Gallery, See More Tours or other desired text
18. Press Save at the bottom of the page
19. Repeat for all the owner’s tours

This will put a tab across the tour top that directs the tour viewer to click to see more tours. Even if you don’t have an immediate need to add the “view my tour gallery” link for clients, it is wise to walk yourself through the steps so that you will be ready when the need arises.

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