Stop PAYING for traffic tickets! Save Money for Marketing

Everybody wants and NEEDS to know what marketing techniques are working for their virtual tour company. As a budding Central Coast Virtual Tour Provider I’ve learned, there is no wrong or right way. The only right way is the way that works best. I’ve been told it is best to experiment with high-cost, low-cast, popular, and even odd forms of marketing. From donation work to billboards, the range for marketing is HUGE, and I have yet to scrape the surface.

Yesterday when asking the predictable yet powerful question “how’d you hear about us?” I was told by my new virtual tour customer that they saw my website posted on my truck. After all the door-to-door, phone calling, emailing, poster-making, flier handing, search engine optimizing marketing, the lead came from either the card door magnet or the vinyl lettering decal on my truck rear window. Amazing!

 The vinyl lettering cost $30. And thanks to a suggestion from a recent virtual tour webinar put on by RTV virtual tour software company, I was led to a website where I purchased FOUR (4) full-color car door magnets for $49 including tax/shipping (I am a bottom-liner).This is only one of the many useful tactics I’ve put to use thanks to what I’ve learned from RTV.  They’ve been quite amazing at helping me get my virtual tour business off the ground and start making money right away.

What a great deal! If you are willing to tattoo your vehicle. I was. The vinyl lettering has survived just fine so far and the car door magnets are high-powered enough to not blow off while hi-speeding on the freeway… which honestly I had never thought about when making the purchase.

We see advertising every day, but something about seeing the company car and the person behind the wheel (or the business owner) gives it a bit of a personal touch. I am ALWAYS looking at decals on company cars and judging the business based on the upkeep of the vehicle and their driving courtesy.

So if you have a knack for annoying other drivers and/or like the dirt from last week’s mudboggin competition left on the windows, this form of advertisement may not be for you. I must say it has improved my driving record from 4 tickets in 2009 to a whopping ZERO in 2010.  Good luck out there!

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