RTV Tour Track End of Year Summary

Happy New Year from RTV’s Tour Track team!

I hope everyone had a great year, I know we did! From the sound of things most of our virtual tour providers saw about a 30% increase in business this year. Here’s a recap of how well Tour Track did this year.  Tour Track photographers shot, processed and delivered roughly 1500 jobs and were paid over $300,000 for their work!! Our top performers in the RTV virtual tour network earned over $10,000 and we had 21 providers make over $3,000.  Fantastic!

Some things to watch for this coming year. We’ll be working hard to rewrite and edit our order details to make them more clear, concise and informative. We’ve listened to your requests for earning more money on the jobs that take longer and we’re working hard with existing contracts to do just that. Finally, we’re also looking at different ways to help your photos upload faster so hang in there everyone as we continue to grow our Tour Track division.

Quality will be on the forefront in 2011 as we raise the photography bar and push you to learn and grow as photographers.  We will be trying out some new methods for shooting to see if we can get better control over the quality and consistency of the product coming to us for processing.  We will hold many more photography training webinars and make sure information is provided to keep you up to date and in the know. Please be on the lookout for Ben’s ‘Shoot Like a Pro’ series.  Happy New Year everyone!

Jacqueline Burke
Director of National Accounts
National Virtual Tour Company
Toll Free 866-947-8687 Option 6
Direct 231-932-1605