The RTV Payback

Building a successful property marketing and virtual tour business in Silicon Valley can take a lot of unusual turns.  When Exposure Elements was founded a year ago I thought that I would be largely servicing realtors and I marketed to that area heavily. I totally discounted one of the best lead sources that us RTV Virtual Tour Photographers have at our disposal, RTV leads from their corporate site and Tour Track, RTV’s National virtual tour accounts.

Leads are great! People from all over the World simply google for a virtual tour service, company, provider and no matter how you key it in RTV is always #1.  As a result they get a TON of traffic and therefore send out LOTS OF LEADS to us providers.  When getting a lead from RTV you still need to pick up the phone and call these people but hey it’s a lead and they’re not that hard to close as long as you’re friendly and attentive.  They’ve already made up their mind about us since we’re #1.

Tour Track is great too.  This is where a company like KB Homes looks for a national virtual tour company and YES…you guessed it, they find RTV right away. Tour Track does have its challenges though but it is still work that I would not get without being affiliated with RTV. I have been critical in some ways of this program but yesterday I got an eye opening experience to the power that Tour Track can offer.  Jacque Burke, RTV’s Director of National Accounts called me describing an immediate opportunity for 15-20 virtual tours for a local property manager.  I followed with the prospect to find out that this was only the first phase of a job that could have as many as 80 virtual tours over the next year or so. The total revenue opportunity here could be as much as $10K in 2011 with an immediate opportunity for about $2k.  Given that I do my part of good work, building a solid relationship around timeliness and always delivering what I commit plus a little extra I have a great customer.

The message here is that in the last six months, the time of my working relationship with Tour Track,  Jacque Burke and the Tour Track program have delivered to me the opportunity for $13K in business (including nearly $3K in booked and paid business)!! This still discounts several other leads that I am working on still. I have been told that this is an extraordinary amount of business from Tour Track during this time frame and is  WAY above average.  RTV tells me that the average providers makes about $1000.00 every year from Tour Track and an unknown amount of money from the hundreds of leads that they give out. According to Jacque last year RTV gave back about $350k to their providers and this year will be even more. I’d like to believe that my luck here was due to some magical characteristic of my magnetic personality but that probably isn’t true.  The Tour Track staff has been incredibly patient with me and consistently delivers what they commit to plus a little bit extra. 

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