New RTV Mobile Websites are BIG HIT!

I can’t imagine where my property marketing and virtual tour business would be without RTV. I know we are not your biggest tour users, but we do a lot of other business based on the virtual tour and products and services that bring in a ton of profit. We are going to be selling more tours,because Tina is really gung ho and has helped develop an IPAD portfolio to demonstrate that will help us to ace each sale.

Another big help to my business is Robin Duran, RTV provider from WI who constantly helps me with the RTV offerings he has found helpful to his VT business. With help from Robin and from another RTV provider, Nancy Bain of Nova Scotia Virtual Tours, I am getting ready to put out a facebook add to all realtors in Arizona. I will be using the technology to target my advertising to a limited audience of potential users I have identified. I actually learned this technique from Benn Kinney of Keller Williams in Seattle at Active Rain Camp. (Go if the tour comes through your town – its worth the $75).

If you have noticed one thing in this blog, you will have noticed that I specifically mention four RTV providers, including one in my city. They aren’t the only ones who have helped me. I know we would be successful without the help of RTV and the other providers, but I know that I wouldn’t be as profitable or as versatile without them. As providers, you should all rely on each other and learn from each other. It’s a great time saver and it actually can result in some new and strong business and personal relationship.