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Expanding your virtual tour business is very important especially since there are some months through the year where real estate is going to be very slow. We’ve already seen from the RTV webinars that it is very much possible to have nice income streams coming in year round as long as you’re able to diversify. We found out early on that going into the Winter you see the virtual tour business start to drop off especially up here in the North.

It’s very easy to be complacent and just sit back and let other people decide your income and lifestyle.  Well in the virtual tour industry we need to be aggressive all the time.  Marketing is the most important part of most businesses  and especially for my Long Island virtual tour business. That is why we at Long Island Virtual LLC  decided to diversify and not only advertise heavily towards real estate agents but also target local business owners, commercial real estate agents, and Long Island for sale by owners.  Because today’s Real Estate property values are decreasing so drastically many people are trying to sell their houses on their own.  Business owners like never before are putting money into Internet advertising because of the cost to return ratios.  Virtual tours and especially our HD virtual tours are the perfect solution to this.

Being a RTV Virtual Tour Full Service provider has given us a tremendous advantage in the Virtual Tour Industry.  With our High Definition 360 Virtual Tours and our High Definition Stand Alone Slide Show no other virtual tour provider can compare with the quality our virtual tours provide.  Anyone who tries to view any other companies virtual tours and presses the “full screen” button knows what I’m talking about.  Their tours are so blurry and I am still shocked at how many agents use their services! Obviously they have not seen our virtual tour samples or their clients would become ours.  

Our job is to go out and show our product to as many agents we can and believe me, our hard work will definitely pay off.  Our next step will be to start marketing to the commercial industry, and I’m hoping to get into that shortly.  What’s great about our industry is the never ending number of opportunities available to us.

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