Is Your Virtual Tour Company Ready for 2011?

virtual tour windowAre You Ready for 2011? Another year is a almost gone. How will the New year be better?  How will my Central Michigan virtual tour business grow? Looking back over the activities of here in Hillsdale County, Michigan and South Central Michigan, I am truly amazed at how many new products, techniques and tools that have been developed and made available by RTV our virtual tour software partners.

The High Definition, HD Virtual Tour, an upgrade from our previous presentation, has been a big hit.  The reaction from our customers has been nothing less than awesome.  None of our competitors can come near to the quality and vivid full screen presentations we now have. The High Definition Full Screen Slide Show, another amazing means of presenting, not only real estate properties, but so many other opportunities, i.e. car providers, small and even low-end products.

And now RTV is about to release our their Tour Builder 4.0 Online Virtual Tour Software system.  This step-up will give us the opportunity to work closer with our customers in getting them exactly what they need.  We will be able to building most of their tour at their facility, choose the order of their presentation, select the music and add voice over.  Travel and comunication time will be reduced.  And as we all know, time is money.
So, yes we are look forward to 2011 here at powerplaymmp, to not only save money but to grow it too.

Sandra Gibson
Power Play Multi Media Productions
South Central Michigan RTV Virtual Tours
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