The Importance of Blogging

As I have been blogging for more than a year more or less once a week it started to sink in…blogging is extremely powerful especially if you’re an RTV virtual tour provider and don’t have to pay for the ‘google juice’ from the virtual tour provider blog. To make it have maximum effect you need to continually participate, and the effect increases exponentially over time!  The posts stick, and keep there just waiting to be found!

I have been seriously posting for more than one year, Around 130 posts.  I cannot expect to reach the other bloggers that are in front of me in active rain, but I am trying hard to close the gap!  Every time I post a blog to active rain I also send it in to RTV to post in their blog.  Double your power!

As I get more people commenting on my blog and following me on twitter and facebook I noticed that the effort is worth while.  The digital footprint is growing, my Florida virtual tour company website has climbed in the Google page search to the front page, Google Analytics is showing more search results leading to website each week…now despite not all the searches and click change into a business offer some are already coming in.

I can feel the internet is at last paying back its effort, finally I am getting the occasional costumer, I just have to  to continue writing posts that contain useful information for prospects.

I just need to have enough patience. If you need information on how to increase your Internet marketing experience do not hesitate to contact me at 305 331 8960

Gabriel Duque
Florida Virtual Tours
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