Virtual Tour Testimonial

I have been with Real Tour Vision virtual tour software digital marketing company for almost two years. Prior to joining RTV I looked at other virtual tour companies and took great care in deciding who to join as a partner. Every other virtual tour company out there had just enough difference that making a final decision was not easy.

I’m here to say that my decision with which network and company to partner with for my technology has turned out to be correct. RTV is constantly helping my virtual tour business grow and is continually providing training and virtual tour software updates us providers.

I have studied photography for over 30 years and thought a refresher class would be a bit of a bore. Well I was wrong! It’s great that they cover parts of photography that becomes natural, I’ve been doing the same thing for years. One virtual tour webinar that RTV just held reminded me of a depth of field function that I had not used in years. Great stuff!

I’m very pleased that they bring new software products to the webinars. I wouldn’t have known about Photomatix until much later. The fact that they find products that are free like FastStone has been a huge help to me, not to mention free. The support is by far the best in the industry and the costs are very fair. I couldn’t have found a better virtual tour company to have partnered with.

RTV is about to release their new tour builder software 4.awesome and it is all online! It looks and functions great. This update will keep RTV at the top of Virtual Tour companies.

I love providing virtual tours to the various Real Estate offices as well as the business that have an understanding what a virtual tour can do for their website and bringing in new clients. Here is a before and after shot that would not have been possible without being part of the RTV provider group.

My photography has improved since I joined RTV and I’m confident that is shows in my work.

Ben Knorr

Real Tour Vision
Virtual Tour Software