Bartering with Virtual Tours

Here at Lafayette Virtual Tour Company it’s not always about the money. I wanted to share my bartering experience with everyone because it has been a win-win situation for me and the other party. The other party is actually a Lafayette Chiropractor and let me tell you how we came together and decided to swap his services for a virtual tour. I pick him because my wife knew his wife but we had never met but I had to see someone because I was having chronic back pain. So I came in for my first appointment and filled out the paper work and in the employment section I never leave it to just self-employed I always add the detail that I am a virtual tour provider.

I do this because I hope it will start a conversation that will lead to business and in this case it did. He confessed that he had been wanted to do something like a tour for a long time. So the conversation progressed to his rank on Google and he needed help with that too. I told him that the tour could be done immediately but the SEO optimization takes time and he said that would be fine because to resolve my back issues I should see him once a week for 12 weeks. I am very happy I offer such a unique service that is of such great value to business owners like my Chiropractor that bartering is a viable option.

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