Are you Getting Rank Spanked?

You can learn how to Rank-Spank the Competition!

Five weeks ago, I started learning from RTV how I can move my  moving up in the ranks, thanks to RTV’s 12-week Social Ignition Course. At that point I had no investment in Twitter and had never heard of sites liked LinkedIn, Inman, and ActiveRain. Terms like Google Analytics, SEO, and tweeps were not in my cyber-vocab either. Just recently, however, I made the exciting discovery that my geo-keyword of SLO Virtual Tours has already earned my site the #9 ranking on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Last week, you had to click to the 2nd or 3rd page to finally find my website.

Here’s something I found interesting SO FAR in all this. Remember, I am only on week 5. Have you ever met someone, exchanged business cards, gone home, and then forgot their name or lost the business card? I wanted to see how my virtual tour website (or any links I created) would show up if they typed in parcels of my business name. The results were astounding! At worst, either a page in my site or a link to one of my accounts showed up with several variations or ‘chunks’ of my name.

It is helpful to keep spelling in mind when setting up your website as well. Is your name EASY to spell? If they can’t recall where to space or how many t’s were in your name, they may misspell it. I am not sure yet how Google handles this, so I’ve tried to insert a few different ways my name can be entered into a Google Search.

I am eager to continue the virtual tour company Social Ignition Course and encourage anyone who has not done it yet, to do it. Like Jason explains so well, it is a lot of information, it can be a lot of work at times, but it is not hard. Just get used to writing. I still am.

I would love to hear anybody’s story or offer more information to someone who is thinking about taking the FREE course to boost their virtual tour sales.


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