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Happy New Year from RTV’s Tour Track team!

I hope everyone had a great year, I know we did! From the sound of things most of our virtual tour providers saw about a 30% increase in business this year. Here’s a recap of how well Tour Track did this year.  Tour Track photographers shot, processed and delivered roughly 1500 jobs and were paid over $300,000 for their work!! Our top performers in the RTV virtual tour network earned over $10,000 and we had 21 providers make over $3,000.  Fantastic!

Some things to watch for this coming year. We’ll be working hard to rewrite and edit our order details to make them more clear, concise and informative. We’ve listened to your requests for earning more money on the jobs that take longer and we’re working hard with existing contracts to do just that. Finally, we’re also looking at different ways to help your photos upload faster so hang in there everyone as we continue to grow our Tour Track division.

Quality will be on the forefront in 2011 as we raise the photography bar and push you to learn and grow as photographers.  We will be trying out some new methods for shooting to see if we can get better control over the quality and consistency of the product coming to us for processing.  We will hold many more photography training webinars and make sure information is provided to keep you up to date and in the know. Please be on the lookout for Ben’s ‘Shoot Like a Pro’ series.  Happy New Year everyone!

Jacqueline Burke
Director of National Accounts
National Virtual Tour Company
Toll Free 866-947-8687 Option 6
Direct 231-932-1605

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I have been with Real Tour Vision virtual tour software digital marketing company for almost two years. Prior to joining RTV I looked at other virtual tour companies and took great care in deciding who to join as a partner. Every other virtual tour company out there had just enough difference that making a final decision was not easy.

I’m here to say that my decision with which network and company to partner with for my technology has turned out to be correct. RTV is constantly helping my virtual tour business grow and is continually providing training and virtual tour software updates us providers.

I have studied photography for over 30 years and thought a refresher class would be a bit of a bore. Well I was wrong! It’s great that they cover parts of photography that becomes natural, I’ve been doing the same thing for years. One virtual tour webinar that RTV just held reminded me of a depth of field function that I had not used in years. Great stuff!

I’m very pleased that they bring new software products to the webinars. I wouldn’t have known about Photomatix until much later. The fact that they find products that are free like FastStone has been a huge help to me, not to mention free. The support is by far the best in the industry and the costs are very fair. I couldn’t have found a better virtual tour company to have partnered with.

RTV is about to release their new tour builder software 4.awesome and it is all online! It looks and functions great. This update will keep RTV at the top of Virtual Tour companies.

I love providing virtual tours to the various Real Estate offices as well as the business that have an understanding what a virtual tour can do for their website and bringing in new clients. Here is a before and after shot that would not have been possible without being part of the RTV provider group.

My photography has improved since I joined RTV and I’m confident that is shows in my work.

Ben Knorr

Real Tour Vision
Virtual Tour Software

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virtual tour windowAre You Ready for 2011? Another year is a almost gone. How will the New year be better?  How will my Central Michigan virtual tour business grow? Looking back over the activities of here in Hillsdale County, Michigan and South Central Michigan, I am truly amazed at how many new products, techniques and tools that have been developed and made available by RTV our virtual tour software partners.

The High Definition, HD Virtual Tour, an upgrade from our previous presentation, has been a big hit.  The reaction from our customers has been nothing less than awesome.  None of our competitors can come near to the quality and vivid full screen presentations we now have. The High Definition Full Screen Slide Show, another amazing means of presenting, not only real estate properties, but so many other opportunities, i.e. car providers, small and even low-end products.

And now RTV is about to release our their Tour Builder 4.0 Online Virtual Tour Software system.  This step-up will give us the opportunity to work closer with our customers in getting them exactly what they need.  We will be able to building most of their tour at their facility, choose the order of their presentation, select the music and add voice over.  Travel and comunication time will be reduced.  And as we all know, time is money.
So, yes we are look forward to 2011 here at powerplaymmp, to not only save money but to grow it too.

Sandra Gibson
Power Play Multi Media Productions
South Central Michigan RTV Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 517-610-7136

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Inventory Documentation Services gives owner Hal Holubik of Toursdforce, a Lenawee County virtual tour company, what he wants out of life – a great deal of satisfaction  in knowing that the service that he provides to others  will give them security and peace of mind.  With an up-to-date home or business inventory Hal Holubik’s clients have in hand the information that they will need to protect themselves if disaster does strike.

Lenawee Home inventory documentation is nothing new for Toursdforce, but it is just now seeing remarkable growth. Large companies have known the value of a thorough asset list for years, and now small- to medium-sized businesses and homeowners are realizing the need as well. A thorough inventory is a great tool to help people remember, whether their loss is from a fire, burglary or natural disaster. Personal property inventories are either beneficial – if not essential – for many other reasons, some being estate planning and settlement, divorce, prenuptial agreements, taxes and valuations, moving, and buying or selling a home or business.

Experiencing is certainly the hard way to learn the value of a personal property inventory, and Holubik’s first-hand knowledge speaks for itself. His family experienced a financial loss after their garage was broken into.  Hal quickly did a visual inventory for the policy report and then was granted a 6 week extension from his insurance company to come up with a complete missing item list. One year later they’re still finding items missing that were not reported. “You simply cannot remember everything until you go to get it”, states Hal Holubik. This instance would have benefited greatly from a thoroughly prepared inventory.

Insurance Companies, Agents, law enforcement agencies, and Financial Advisors strongly recommend through documentation of personal property to ensure your family’s financial protection in the future.  Tourdforce Home Inventory Service provides a professional, reliable, third-party home and business inventory designed to maximize your claim as well as making the process smoother and faster.  In addition their service can document your personal property prior to a move or storage in the event you need to prove damage or theft.  Fire, floods, thieves or storms can take away a lifetime of memories and valuables.  Don’t add additional grief and pain by not being prepared for your insurance company.

About Toursdforce inventory documented tours. Toursdforce professional photographer has the perfect solution for you AND your valuables with their Home Inventory Tour!  They will photograph, document and securely store all of your valuables on their secure servers and onto a CD for you and one stored in your file at your insurance agency for your proof of ownership which is only a mouse click away!  Did you know that when making an insurance claim a photo is worth as much as an actual receipt to your insurance company? 

Learn more about Toursdforce Home/Business inventory tours:

It’s Time You Get Started!
An up-to-date home inventory of your property will give you security and peace of mind knowing that you have in hand the information you need to protect yourself.

Contact Toursdforce and they’ll be happy to provide you with additional information or set-up a convenient time for your Business or Home Inventory Tour for you.

Hal Holubik
Tours D’ Force
Order a virtual tour today: 517-486-4209

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Here at Lafayette Virtual Tour Company it’s not always about the money. I wanted to share my bartering experience with everyone because it has been a win-win situation for me and the other party. The other party is actually a Lafayette Chiropractor and let me tell you how we came together and decided to swap his services for a virtual tour. I pick him because my wife knew his wife but we had never met but I had to see someone because I was having chronic back pain. So I came in for my first appointment and filled out the paper work and in the employment section I never leave it to just self-employed I always add the detail that I am a virtual tour provider.

I do this because I hope it will start a conversation that will lead to business and in this case it did. He confessed that he had been wanted to do something like a tour for a long time. So the conversation progressed to his rank on Google and he needed help with that too. I told him that the tour could be done immediately but the SEO optimization takes time and he said that would be fine because to resolve my back issues I should see him once a week for 12 weeks. I am very happy I offer such a unique service that is of such great value to business owners like my Chiropractor that bartering is a viable option.

Daniel Deines
iView Tours
1515 Congress St
Lafayette Virtual Tour Provider
Order a virtual tour today:765-412-9338

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