A Virtual Tour Testimonial from Canada

I have been associated with RTV for five years now and I couldn’t be happier with the arrangement.  Jason is a dynamic and creative leader and we keep in contact with one another on a fairly regular basis.  He is also a listener, so ideas or suggestions are well received and technical support is only a phone call or email away with response immediate or at least same day.  Also, every Tuesday, RTV hosts a Virtual Tour Webinar which covers changes in the RTV virtual tour software, their products, camera procedures, virtual tour company marketing, photography tips and more.

The cost to start up your virtual tour business is minimal, especially if you already own camera equipment.  Be sure to set aside enough capital so you can promote yourself to the real estate industry and to senior’s residences, hotels, resorts, golf courses, RV providers, and others.

If you’re keen, a hard worker, and enthusiastic, you will have opportunity knocking at your door and remember, once you get started, or have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Go get ‘em!


Barry Blick
SPINNERMAX, INC. Real Estate Photography
Calgary Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 403-850-0801