The Right Tools

I’ve been working with Photomatix for at least a year and really like the results it gives me.  The colors are crisp as long as the exposures are bracketed properly.  I found another product that is great for upgrading your virtual tours to HDR too. If you are familiar with the Nikon NX2 software then you will enjoy these products as well.

NIK software is GREAT!  I can’t say enough about this company.  Here is a link and see for yourself.

I purchased the complete edition and received the HDR Efex Pro for free.  If you attend the webinars prior to making your purchase, you get a 15% discount on what ever you purchase.  The webinars are great as well, they are very informative and provide an insight to each software version and how they work together. 
I still use Photomatix pro but my first choice is Nik HDR efex pro.  With the photos I have included one is with Photomatix and the other is with Nik HDR efex pro.  You should see the difference and why I prefer one over the other.

How does this apply to being a virtual tour provider with RTV?  I try to provide the best quality photographs to my clients as possible, no matter how few they may be.  Once an agent or broker sees my work and compare it to what they are currently getting, I should be able to get their virtual tour business.  (if there is any to get)  It’s not always about price.  I believe having the right tools is how I can provide the best quality to my clients.  Nik software is a complete set of tools you may want to consider.

Good luck out there!

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