The Pitch Rocked My World

Dear RTV:

Regarding last night’s virtual tour webinar with co host Alan Fon from Corpus Christi virtual tours. It’s exactly what I have been saying all along – its working together with other virtual tour providers to become a stronger, more professional network of tour providers.

Even though our virtual tour company focuses mostly on very high end architectural photographers, what Alan presented last night is true for every level.  We have a virtual tour & photography sales pitch, and it has been successful, but I think when we give it the digital marketing story, it will become wildly successful – especially since we have our new salesperson up and running.

I think the best part of your presentation is taking all of the technology we offer as RTV virtual tour providers, organizing into a methodology of understanding it from the bottom up and finishing with the dazzle of the newest technology.

By the time you get to mobile stuff, your audience is hooked.  Rather than saying this is what we offer and having no method to the madness or just guessing – your method is incredibly flexible and portable.  We will be designing a new presentation strongly based on yours. 

Thank you for all that you do!