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After watching the “Great Exposure 2”  and the “Rock the Shot” virtual tour Webinars I felt the need to submit my first blog.  Ben and Jacque hosted some great shows that will help improve all the photography done for RTV.  I also want thank  Brett Weaver for sharing his tips on editing photos to create a great exposure as well as Mike Metzig’s photographer who supplied us with sample images to show us the advantages of shooting in RAW.

Everything I’ve done for RTV to date has has been shot in jpeg but there is a difference in the end result along with preserving the quality of the original image. Unfortunately the attached pictures were not shot in RAW so the quality is not as good as it could have been.  Two of the things learned are shown in the pictures.  One, Straightening the picture gives a much more professional look.

Ben shared the story about Jim Blue submitting the pictures to a client that they ended up straightening.  That’s a good example of how, even someone of that talent, can miss something when involved in looking at so many pictures for a long time. A good reason to have someone else look over your shots before submitting. A fresh set of eyes will see things from a different perspective. Two, Correcting the White Balance will also make a big difference. It’s a very easy step, with most software, that will greatly improve a picture without over editing. The attached pictures were shot for Tour Track. By straightening the picture before cropping I was able too show more of the room, something the client wanted, without cropping out any crooked walls or lines. Correcting the White Balance also gave a more appealing look.  Not as dark or dingy.

Good luck out there everyone!

Randy Washam
Lincoln Virtual Tours
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