Learn to Take Advice – Starting a Central Coast Virtual Tour Company

You’ve done all the research, you have the experience, you’ve even got a back-up plan, so why would you ask for advice? And why would someone offer you advice when you didn’t even ask for it?!

Just when I thought I could do something on my own and use my own “creative” mind, I am smacked back into reality by the hand of humbleness. When I got married, I didn’t think I would ever need counseling. When I began learning photography, I would be able to figure out the camera on my own… maybe read a few pages in the manual. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

To help me perfect my virtual tours that I shoot here in California, I recently finished reading a book by Bryan Peterson called Understanding Exposure. It is short, very easy reading, and extremely informational. I bought this book because my camera manual did not challenge me in any way whatsoever, and I was frustrated I was not getting pictures nearly as intense looking as other people. AND I was tired of trying to use Photoshop and adding ‘Vibrance’ to everything!

It opened up my eyes, and has practically converted me into the avid bookworm I am today. I can now strive to be one of California’s best Central Coast virtual tour providers! I’ve also taken a lot of criticism on designing my virtual tour company website and logo. I was determined to do it myself, creatively and technically since I had the experience and got my degree in digital media.

Why would I need help with a degree and so much background!? The answer: Because I would still be working on both if I didn’t finally seek help. And I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was way off track several times when either my wife or mentor told me “That’s no good.” “Change that.” “Why did you chose that picture?” I wasn’t happy at first about all the changes, but every time I listened, something great happened. It truly was a learning experience.  When you have a moment please check out my Central Coast virtual tour company website and let me know what you think.  I could not be more excited to be with RTV and part of the winning team!

Kyle Murphy
Owner / Virtual Tour Provider
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