HD Slideshow Technology Tip

This months virtual tour software tech tip covers a few updates and hints regarding the new HD slideshows.  We are continually improving how the slides function and recently adjusted the Ken Burns effect so that it no longer zooms in on random points. The overall effect is much more pleasing. In the near future we will add a control option so that a specific point on the image can be chosen for the zoom effect. We also made the thumbnail carousel area less sensitive to mouse location and reduced the speed of the slideshow.

Look for more changes to come as we fine tune this new technology. We are very pleased with how far V – Slides have come and are appreciative of your feedback.  Keep sending comments our way so we can create and deliver the features you want and need!

We also want to make sure you are aware that our standalone slideshows can be sent to Realtor.com.  Our slideshows generate automated hit stats reports that are sent out on Sunday, just like the virtual tour reports. The slideshows also have a “Slideshow created by” credit in the lower right corner.

Last of all, if you plan on putting a slideshow on a virtual tour make sure you upload your HD images BEFORE you make the slideshow. If you make the slideshow first, the low resolution images from the tour will be used.   If you do not add HD images, the slideshow will look pixelated when viewed in the full screen version.  So take advantage of the full screen option and make sure your images are NOT pixelated by uploading your HD images BEFORE creating your slideshow!

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