The FORMULA 40 – The Pitch

When is the last time you had an appointment at a real estate office?  Furthermore; when is the last time you had an appointment in front of twenty to forty people and kept them ‘eye-poppin’ captivated for a full half hour. 

It’s a fact that you must go into your virtual tour meetings like this fully prepared to deliver a factual, well organized,  content rich presentation.  Your pitch means the difference between getting one virtual tour order at your meeting and landing five 360 tours with many more to come. 

Please join us on Tuesday November 23rd at 7:00 PM as Alan Fon, owner of performs his start to finish sales pitch that has built his Corpus Christi virtual tour company to be one of the largest in the world.  All in the small town of Corpus Christi

Because of the invaluable contents of this show it will be an Inner Circle only event.  All Inner Circle members will receive their invitation via email prior to the show.  See you there!


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