The FORMULA 39 – Tour Talk

Do you have one of those really stumper questions burning inside you?  Do you need advice on how to roll out or price your products?  Are you confused as to how you should be selling one of our marketing tools?  Perhaps there’s a competitor in your town you just can’t seem to shake. 

Whatever the case may be, by now most of you have sat in on an RTV webinar only to find yourself yelling out a question that was left unanswered. Now it’s your turn and time for you to ‘Stump the Chump’ on our very first episode in a series called Tour Talk.

Please join myself and a member of the RTV IBA (Independent Business Advisor) staff on Tuesday November 9th for the FORMULA 38 – ‘Tour Talk’.  This Episode of The FORMULA will allow you, the listener, to participate in the show by asking questions during the show.

Participants will be chosen randomly and will have an opportunity to ask a sales and or marketing related question.  We highly encourage you to write down a question or two that you would like to have answered prior to the show so you’re well prepared.

See you on the show!! Sign up now in your TMS!



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